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[September 10, 2013] I don’t usually talk back to people like this, but they’re just making it so hard for me to make them understand, especially when I don’t have enough characters to be more specific.  I know I could reply back to him again, but I don’t feel like it.

I usually ignore people if I receive stupid/negative/misjudgement comments.  But, you know what?  I think it’s time for me to talk back, only if it’s necessary.

***Edit*** [September 11, 2013] I’m…  Gettin’… Tired…  You know what?  I take back what I said about “it’s time for me to talk back”.  I’m going back to ignoring all the idiotic people out there with their stupid/negative/misjudgement comments.  Dealing with them is a complete waste of time, and ignoring them is the only way to make them understand.  I know that sounds weird, but, letting them to get common sense on their own is the only way as time goes by.

Angry Video Game Nerd has always been my favorite video game reviewer since 2006, because not only does the guy review games, but he add in some humor to make the video more interesting.

Now that there’s an actual video game of him that’s coming out next month, I’m looking forward to play it.  I wish there was an endless mode or any kind of mode that would add in more replay value; I played the shit out of the Endless Mode in Mega Man 9 as my main game in 2009.

Remember when I said Papers, Please would be my main game?  Well, I kinda lost my interest.  I’ll still play it, but not as my main.  I’ve been playing Mega Man Unlimited as of late, because I grew up in the 80s/90s and I only like to play old school type of games.

Well, well, well.  If it isn’t the troll guy who appeared in my floor 101 video.  I am pretty sure this is the same guy, because I recognized his name thanks to looking at it for a long period of time while I was blurring it during video editing.

Speaking of blurring, I need to blur all the strangers’ names and faces on my past Tumblr images.  Any names that needs to be revealed such as the "whoa" guy is ok, I hope; if he doesn’t like his name to be revealed, I’ll be glad to delete that post.  As for Rocco storm (I will edit his name later to Penguin), penguin859 (I will edit his name later to Spider-Man) and jahonius80 (I will edit his name later to…..who the fuck is this?) I will call them by the picture of their icon/avatar.  If they uses their face as their Toro’s Friend Network icon, then I’ll just call them something that is related to the topic.

I didn’t have enough time to place my thumbs on the 3 buttons to take a screenshot of the troll guy’s quote, because I didn’t expect to encounter him again.

Congratulation to penguin859 for clearing floor 100!  Third stranger on my friend list have beaten Toro’s Friend Dungeon.  This will be my last time sharing a screenshot of congratulating a stranger, because I don’t want to keep on doing this every time when I see someone cleared the 100th floor.  I would only share screenshot of congratulating real friends, like my boring friend, but too bad they don’t own a Vita.  So, whoever clear the 100 floor in the future, congrats!

[Off Topic] I just watched AlphaOmegaSin’s video about a ten-year-old boy who took control of the wheel after his great grandmother passed out.  Hearing story like this always make me happy, and can sometime bring tears to my eyes of joy.  Video game can also be an education, rather it be an education game or not.  And because of Mario Kart, it gave the 10-year-old kid the knowledge to move the car to safety from traffic accident.  I’d like to applaud the boy for his quick thinking.  I hope there’s more people out there save more lives with the knowledge/experience they got from video game.

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